#CEODiary The Importance of Self-Care

Hey Future Founders and CEOs!!

What a week this has been for me. It’s been raining in Los Angeles (crazy, right?) and I haven’t been feeling well. I haven’t even told my mom this, but Continue reading #CEODiary The Importance of Self-Care


#CEODiary What Qualities Make a Good Business Owner?

Hello fellow future Founders/CEOs! I hope you’ve made another step towards building your company. My goal for November is to have my logo designed, business email, and website finished. 😳😰 Fiverr is a GREAT resource for finding freelance workers to help with tasks like these. I’m currently discussing my logo design with someone on Fiverr and hope to get it done this weekend.

In this journey to becoming an entrepreneur, I’ve noticed qualities that I need to work on in order to be a good business owner: Continue reading #CEODiary What Qualities Make a Good Business Owner?

Love yourself. Define yourself. Think for yourself.