#CEODiary The Importance of Marketing

Hey fellow/future CEOs! I hope you are having a productive 2019 so far. As for me… eh… productive in some ways.

Quick Update: I’m going to start offering bookkeeping as a service for my company! I’m a Staff Accountant by day so it makes sense to do it for my own company. I’m hoping once I build a relationship with my clients, I can up-sell them on my financial analysis services. Also, I ran a special and offered FREE services from my company¬†MDW Financial. I paid for an Instagram ad and hoped anyone owning a small business would notice it and email me. Continue reading #CEODiary The Importance of Marketing


#CEODiary Persistence is Key

Hey fellow CEOs!!!!! It’s been a minute but I’m back with the jump off. My last #CEODiary article discussed the importance of self care so I’ve been resting… maybe a little too much. I’m always doing something for my company every week, but I can definitely be doing more. Now that the holidays are over and I’m settled into 2019, I’m back on my grind.

Small updates: Continue reading #CEODiary Persistence is Key

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