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#CEODiary The Importance of Marketing

Hey fellow/future CEOs! I hope you are having a productive 2019 so far. As for me… eh… productive in some ways.

Quick Update: I’m going to start offering bookkeeping as a service for my company! I’m a Staff Accountant by day so it makes sense to do it for my own company. I’m hoping once I build a relationship with my clients, I can up-sell them on my financial analysis services. Also, I ran a special and offered FREE services from my company¬†MDW Financial. I paid for an Instagram ad and hoped anyone owning a small business would notice it and email me. Continue reading #CEODiary The Importance of Marketing

“Bae, let’s take an ‘usie'”: Broadcasting Relationships on Social Media

Picture derived from Google via Syracuse.com

Ahh. Love is in the air. Can’t you see it? If you’re on any type of social media, you absolutely follow someone who posts everything about their relationship. Now, the occasional picture with your boo or post about the love you share is cute, but what about the ones who post something almost everyday? Who are they trying to prove their love and devotion to? Their followers or themselves? Continue reading “Bae, let’s take an ‘usie’”: Broadcasting Relationships on Social Media