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The Normalization of the Corporate America Structure

Imagine a world where food and shelter is an automatic given. Where the basic needs to survive were standard for every citizen. If you wanted more than the basics, you worked for it. Giving people basic necessities grants them the opportunity to work from a place of passion and want. Think of the things we could do, learn, or create with that type of freedom. A freedom that realistically is only given to people from affluent families.

The majority of our economic structure is made up of people who are apart of the lower middle class or below. People who are working to receive just enough to survive, while 40% of the wealth of America is made by 1% of the population.

How has this happened? Why has greed outweighed equality? We spend the majority of our time and energy during our most functional/healthy years working just so we won’t be poor or homeless. Most of the wealthy would rather buy materialistic things that will mean nothing to them when they die instead of establishing a society that is set up for everyone to succeed.

We earn degrees that come with unbelievable debt to get jobs where we wait for someone higher in the hierarchy to say that we are valuable enough to make more than what’s needed to pay bills. The same people who have the power to take away our financial security whenever they please. Our lives are not our own unless we work for ourselves.

These “norms” seem absurd to me. They are motivation to become an entrepreneur. To regain my life and freedom to work from a place of passion instead of necessity. How I’ll achieve that is the challenge. What would you do if you were given the basic necessities to survive? Comment below.