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August Alsina Talks About Depression and Suicidal Thoughts


Today, singer August Alsina, went on The Breakfast Club to promote his new music (as all artists do). But unlike most artists, August isn’t afraid to open up about his life and what’s really going on in it. In this interview, August talks about issues he has with his family and his battle with depression and thoughts of suicide.

A lot of celebrities, and everyday people, put up a façade on social media and present only the highlights of their lives or what they think would be pleasing for others to see. You see it everyday on Instagram; money, cars, clothes, girls, etc., all to try to impress everyone else. However, EVERYONE goes through trials in life that leave them emotionally hurt. Some may choose to address it and learn from that experience, but others will ignore the pain caused and never fully heal. I’m not saying that you should put everything that you’re going through on social media, but I think social media is very misleading and should not be taken farther than face value.

Thankfully, with artists like August being open Continue reading August Alsina Talks About Depression and Suicidal Thoughts


Wondaland Records and The #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Yesterday, Janelle Monae and all of her artists including Jidenna, Deep Cotton, St. Beauty, and Roman Gianarthur, marched the streets of Philadelphia in a protest against police brutality. (As if anyone needed another reason to love Janelle and everything she stands for.) Janelle and her artists just released their highly anticipated EP today entitled, “Wondaland Records Presents: The Eephus” and are currently on tour to promote it. While in Philly, Wondaland took the opportunity to use their platforms in a positive way to further bring awareness to the tragic ongoing killings of African-Americans by police officers around the nation. They also released a song Continue reading Wondaland Records and The #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Is Equality a Realistic Option for African Americans?

Picture derived from Bing search via Damon Winter/The New York Times

Every week, if not more rapidly, there is news of another African American being killed. Yesterday, a young Caucasian male walked into a church in South Carolina where African Americans were praying and having bible study, sat down and joined them, then opened fire killing nine of the African Americans in attendance. There is a cycle of emotions and actions African Americans seem to follow with every occurrence: anger, marches/protest, repeat. Yes, anger is an understandable response to being treated as though your life does not matter and can be easily dismissed without consequences. But one has to think about what can really be done to stop the killings from happening in the first place. Or better yet, if we can stop them from happening. Continue reading Is Equality a Realistic Option for African Americans?