Is Equality a Realistic Option for African Americans?

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Every week, if not more rapidly, there is news of another African American being killed. Yesterday, a young Caucasian male walked into a church in South Carolina where African Americans were praying and having bible study, sat down and joined them, then opened fire killing nine of the African Americans in attendance. There is a cycle of emotions and actions African Americans seem to follow with every occurrence: anger, marches/protest, repeat. Yes, anger is an understandable response to being treated as though your life does not matter and can be easily dismissed without consequences. But one has to think about what can really be done to stop the killings from happening in the first place. Or better yet, if we can stop them from happening. Continue reading Is Equality a Realistic Option for African Americans?


“Bae, let’s take an ‘usie'”: Broadcasting Relationships on Social Media

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Ahh. Love is in the air. Can’t you see it? If you’re on any type of social media, you absolutely follow someone who posts everything about their relationship. Now, the occasional picture with your boo or post about the love you share is cute, but what about the ones who post something almost everyday? Who are they trying to prove their love and devotion to? Their followers or themselves? Continue reading “Bae, let’s take an ‘usie’”: Broadcasting Relationships on Social Media

Kendrick Lamar’s TPAB Available a Week Early!

So, the best rapper ALIVE, (yeah. I said it.) released his highly anticipated sophomore album “To Pimp a Butterfly” a full week early via iTunes. However, when I view the album on iTunes, it still says “pre-order”. I’m assuming it downloads early anyway? You can also stream it on Spotify, which I downloaded JUST for this purpose. Either way, I’m still waiting to buy the physical copy in stores Continue reading Kendrick Lamar’s TPAB Available a Week Early!

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