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#CEODairy Breaking Mental Blocks

Having goals and making plans is the easy part. Having the mindset needed to put in the work to achieve those goals is the hard part.

I’ve become a shell of myself. I used to be the student who took pride in making As and always striving to be the best in the class. At some point while working in Corporate America and adulting on my own, I started to think I wasn’t worthy. I settled and accepted things for what they were instead of knowing and demanding my worth. I lost that fire I once had. Continue reading #CEODairy Breaking Mental Blocks

Growing Up Gay in Mississippi

I came out to my mother last Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at the age of 29, a week after National Coming Out Day. I wanted to do it in person and knew I’d be in town the following week so I waited. Plus, coming out doesn’t have to be on a certain day, just whenever you feel ready and comfortable doing so. I’ve always said I wouldn’t come out to my mother until I was in a serious relationship and I had to let her know because it would be too hard to hide. I was scared. I dated a woman who told me about her family disowning her after they found out. I didn’t want that to happen to me, so I decided to wait. Although I’m currently not in a relationship, I couldn’t hold this secret in any longer. Continue reading Growing Up Gay in Mississippi

“This is modern day slavery”: Kendrick Lamar’s POWERFUL 2016 Grammy Performance (Video and Lyrics)

One of the most important artists of this generation, Kendrick Lamar, used his platform for a greater purpose yet again at last night’s Grammys. Kendrick is not an entertainer, although his talent and energy foster excitement; he is an artist. As Beyoncé stated before announcing a Grammy award last night,

“Art is an unapologetic celebration of culture through expression.” – Beyoncé.

Kendrick did just that, express his thoughts on what’s happening in the African American community unapologetically while celebrating his African heritage. Continue reading “This is modern day slavery”: Kendrick Lamar’s POWERFUL 2016 Grammy Performance (Video and Lyrics)

August Alsina Talks About Depression and Suicidal Thoughts


Today, singer August Alsina, went on The Breakfast Club to promote his new music (as all artists do). But unlike most artists, August isn’t afraid to open up about his life and what’s really going on in it. In this interview, August talks about issues he has with his family and his battle with depression and thoughts of suicide.

A lot of celebrities, and everyday people, put up a façade on social media and present only the highlights of their lives or what they think would be pleasing for others to see. You see it everyday on Instagram; money, cars, clothes, girls, etc., all to try to impress everyone else. However, EVERYONE goes through trials in life that leave them emotionally hurt. Some may choose to address it and learn from that experience, but others will ignore the pain caused and never fully heal. I’m not saying that you should put everything that you’re going through on social media, but I think social media is very misleading and should not be taken farther than face value.

Thankfully, with artists like August being open Continue reading August Alsina Talks About Depression and Suicidal Thoughts