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Investment Taxation

Happy #FinanceFriday ! I hope all of you have used the skills you’ve learned from reading these articles and started investing for your future. With Tax Day just behind us, its fitting discuss taxation on investments.

As with any income, Uncle Sam’s greedy self is there to take his share. If you earn dividends or sell investments and received cash, you have to Continue reading Investment Taxation


Financial Planning

We discussed saving money in the first installment of this #FinanceFriday series, but we didn’t cover the financial life cycle.

The financial life cycle describes Continue reading Financial Planning

The Time Value of Money

There’s one question every investor should know the answer to: Is a dollar worth more today or tomorrow? The answer: Continue reading The Time Value of Money


Short Selling

Happy #FinanceFriday !! I hope you had a great week and plan to have a wonderful weekend. This week’s #FinanceFriday will cover Short Selling.

Normally, when we buy shares we hope the value/price rises and then sell the shares when it does rise to receive the return on our investment. However, with short selling, you Continue reading Short Selling