#CEODiary Persistence is Key

Hey fellow CEOs!!!!! It’s been a minute but I’m back with the jump off. My last #CEODiary article discussed the importance of self care so I’ve been resting… maybe a little too much. I’m always doing something for my company every week, but I can definitely be doing more. Now that the holidays are over and I’m settled into 2019, I’m back on my grind.

Small updates:

I have business cards!!! Vista Print had a 50% sale (ended up really being 35%) during the holidays so I used that to order 250 premium linen business cards. Check them out below:

Business Card Front (no number).jpg


Business Card Back.jpg

I’ve also started going to networking events and sending cold marketing emails. The introverted/not talking-to-strangers part of me is a hurdle when trying to network. Emails? Sure. I can do that no problem, but talking to someone in a crowd of people I don’t know… eh. I’m working on making myself more extroverted when meeting new people so I’m able to exchange information and potentially gain clients! I’m going to a Google sponsored networking event tomorrow that will have Google, Sony, Hulu, Disney, Apple, Live Nation, Facebook, Snapchat, HBO, YouTube, NBC Universal, etc in attendance…I’m excited just thinking about it…Also, nervous.

My nervousness stems from me not feeling ready. Yes, I’m aware of imposture syndrome, but I really need to practice my services and how I will deliver them to clients before taking one on. I KNOW I know how to do what I’m offering, but I want to present it in a way that looks “pretty”… professional, but also fun. I’m looking into free presentation software I can use and will need to practice working with one ASAP. I’m beating myself up because I planned on finalizing my presentation by the end of December, which makes me now 2 months past schedule.

I know things will work out in the end, I just need to keep going. Keep being persistent. Carve time out each day to work on my company and STICK TO IT! Let’s go!!! What do you have planned for your company this year? Do you have a monthly goal set? Let me know in the comments below!

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