Short Selling

Happy #FinanceFriday !! I hope you had a great week and plan to have a wonderful weekend. This week’s #FinanceFriday will cover Short Selling.

Normally, when we buy shares we hope the value/price rises and then sell the shares when it does rise to receive the return on our investment. However, with short selling, you Continue reading Short Selling

Securities Markets Regulation: Part 2

Happy #FinanceFriday  and welcome back for part 2 of our discussion on securities markets regulations! Last week we went over some of the first regulations put in place by the government to protect investors. Now, let’s cover the rest of the regulations that have been established and talk briefly about the sale and pricing of new securities.

Regulations can be very specific regarding what securities they protect and who can benefit from their protection. The following lists seven regulations and their purpose: Continue reading Securities Markets Regulation: Part 2

Securities Markets Regulation: Part 1

We all know about the Recession of 2008/2009 that impacted the economy and the financial health of the nation, but do you know why it happened? Long story short, mortgage loans were given out like lollypops at banks to people who did not have the means to repay them and many people defaulted on their loans. This lead to a huge deficit and prompted the government to enforce new laws and regulations for mortgage loans. Unfortunately, this is normally how new laws arise; from a crisis rather than from a preventive standpoint.

There are 2 bases of financial regulations: Continue reading Securities Markets Regulation: Part 1

Securities Markets: Part 2

The last few weeks for me have been…interesting… to say the least, so apologies for not posting last Friday. I’m back to finish up our discussion on securities markets!

Let’s start by asking one question… are you a bull or a bear? (NO shade!) Continue reading Securities Markets: Part 2