A Book Per Month in 2017

I know, I know…it’s been a while. I can tell you a lot of excuses as to why I haven’t been consistent with posting articles (like starting a new job), but none of them would be justifiable. However, one of my goals for this year is consistency. I promise to make a more thoughtful effort to post more often.

Another goal of mine for 2017 is to read at least 1 book every month. I’ll admit, I’ve never been the “read for fun” type. I only read what was required in school growing up and studied so much that I thought I didn’t have time to read for fun. (Again, with the excuses.) Now that I’m done with school (for now at least) and I have a healthy life/work balance, I’m finding new things to occupy my free time that will better me as a person. Reading more will not only enhance my vocabulary, but will make me more insightful and knowledgeable about various thoughts, ideas, theories, and other human experiences.

This month I read Issa Rae‘s “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”, an autobiography that stemmed from the success of her hilarious YouTube series bearing the same title. Issa (who is Golden Globe nominated for her hit debut television series “Insecure” on HBO) writes with a wry approach to comedy that I definitely can relate to while giving you insight to the background and childhood she experienced that formed the woman she is today. I know this month is almost over, but there are still a few days left to grab Issa’s book and read it before February. “Misadventures…” is an easy read full of literal laugh out loud moments that will make it hard to put down.

Next month is Black History Month, so you know I’m going to be the human form of this emoji (✊🏾) all month long. There is no better month to read “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” for the first time. (Yes, I said first time. I told you I’m making up for lost time.) I’ve been told this book is required reading for all African Americans and I can’t wait to learn more about the background of a civil rights icon.

JOIN ME with my reading!! I will post an article discussing the book for the month toward the end of each month and we can discussed what we thought and learned in the comments below. An online book club!

Please give book suggestions! I’m partial to black authors, African American history, autobiographies, self help, etc books.

Happy reading!

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