3 Steps to Become Financially Healthy

My #FinanceFriday segment is FINALLY here! I’ve been saying I wanted to start talking about Finance on this site for months now, but I let other things in my life distract me. Not anymore! After last Tuesday (Election Day -_-), we have to get our finances in order to help withstand hardships in the economy to come. I’m NOT a Certified Financial Educator or a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), but I DO have a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Finance. Whatever I know and learn along the way, I will teach and would like you all to share this knowledge with your family and friends.

“Each one, teach one.”- African-American Proverb

I get A LOT of questions about how to start investing and I plan to break down terminology and strategies that every investor should know with this segment, but in order to invest money you have to have money, right? Let’s discuss 3 steps that will have you financially healthy enough to start investing and saving for the future. Continue reading 3 Steps to Become Financially Healthy