There’s No Place Like Mississippi: Episode 2 of #ToBeHonest

The cast of #ToBeHonest talks about Mississippi in this week’s episode; what we think about our state and what we’d like to change.

While most of the cast had a positive outlook for Mississippi, I was a bit of a “Negative Nancy”, lol. Check it out below and comment to tell us what you think about Mississippi.

To Be Young and Black: Episode 1 of #ToBeHonest

If you’ve been following my FaceBook page, Nside My Box, you would already know that I, Marla Denise, creator of, is a cast member of Jessica Simien‘s new web series #ToBeHonest.

#ToBeHonest discusses real topics facing society today from the prospective of young, educated, African Americans from the south. Check out Episode 1: To Be Young and Black below and make sure to subscribe to Jessica Simien’s YouTube page to view cast introductions and upcoming episodes.

Comment below to tell us what you think it is to be young and black.