This Week in Hip Hop: Beef Brings Bars Plus New Kendrick Lamar Video


Picture derived from DDotOmen via Bing search.

If you’re a hip hop fan or on any type of social media, you should know all about the beef between Meek Mill and Drake. Last Tuesday, July 21st, Meek took to Twitter to discuss how Drake doesn’t write his own raps. Fans quickly started to wonder, “Well who has been getting me in my feelings about my ex for the last 5 years? Who started from the bottom? Who was running through the 6 with his woes?” Meek claimed that a rapper but the name of Quentin Miller is Drake’s ghostwriter, which may or may not be true. As a fan of hip hop, I really don’t care who writes the bars as long as they’re ill and delivered nicely over a hype beat. Many other fans seem to have the same sentiment, but still questioned Drake’s credibility.

Drake gave the claims 6 days (how clever) to die down then released not 1, not 2, but 3 tracks on July 27th. One of the tracks being a light punch to Meek entitled “Charged Up”.

Now of course, you don’t jump out the gate with your heaviest blow, you start off slow, test the temperature. Everyone waited on Meek to give a comeback (even Funkmaster Flex thought he was going to be able to premier the comeback from Meek, but with no prevail). On July 29th, Drake then released what could be this decade’s illest diss track entitled, “Back to Back”. If fans were upset at the lack of aggression Drake showed in “Charged Up” they got what they wanted in “Back to Back”! In this track, Drake asks Meek “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour” (referencing Nicki Minaj’s The Pink Print Tour that Meek is currently on) and shouts out all “the bad b**ches wifin n**gas”. *insert flame emojis*.

EVERYONE just KNEW Meek had to come back strong. We waited for far too long for his comeback not to be anything but lit. On July 30th (after the heat from Drake’s “Back to Back”) Meek finally released his comeback entitled, “Wanna Know”. To everyone’s dismay, “Wanna Know” did not live up to our expectations at all. Most of the track was Meek talking and samples being played, very few bars and half of the bars he spit weren’t even about Drake. Needless to say, the memes and tweets were hella funny.

Can Meek recover from losing this battle?

P.S. While Drake was proving why he isn’t the one to mess with, Kendrick Lamar released a video for “For Free?”, an interlude on his latest album “To Pimp A Butterfly”. Check it out below.

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