“Bae, let’s take an ‘usie'”: Broadcasting Relationships on Social Media

Picture derived from Google via Syracuse.com

Ahh. Love is in the air. Can’t you see it? If you’re on any type of social media, you absolutely follow someone who posts everything about their relationship. Now, the occasional picture with your boo or post about the love you share is cute, but what about the ones who post something almost everyday? Who are they trying to prove their love and devotion to? Their followers or themselves?

I looked back at the Instagram accounts of a recently broken up celebrity couple and thought, “Wow. From what they wrote about each other, I would never think they’d be separated.” It got me thinking about relationships and social media and how being that open about your relationship may bring extra stress and opinions into your situation. Maybe I just have a Bey and Jay mentality when it comes to relationships, but from what I’ve seen, the longest lasting relationships I know aren’t on social media much and keep to themselves.

What are your thoughts on the affect social media may have on your relationship?

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